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MSC Oral history Scheme

Qualidata Catalogue Number:
Project Title:
MSC Oral history Scheme
Subject Category:
XV: Historical Studies
Primary Discipline:
Economic and social history
Wilberforce House Museum
Principal Investigator(s):
Kingston Upon Hull Museums
Manpower Services Commission
Grant Reference:
Data Collector:
Kingston Upon Hull Museums
This collection of oral history interviews investigated the everyday lives of local inhabitants.
Main Topics:
everyday life; social history; life histories; employment; oral history; leisure activities; entertainment; family life; social life; religion; education; housing; community life; poverty; politics; gender; domestic servants; Kingston-Upon-Hull.
Type of Research Material:
In-depth/unstructured interview tapes
In-depth/unstructured interview transcripts
Quantity of Research Material:
C.200 interview tapes - many transcribed.
Reference Time Period covered in Project:
c1890 - 1960
Sample Population:
Men and women born between 1890 and 1960
Unit of Observation:
Individuals and groups
Number of Units:
Geographical Region:
Kingston-Upon-Hull, East Yorkshire, England.
Sampling Procedures:
Purposive selection
Method(s) of Data Collection:
Face-to-face interview
Type of Study:
Start date of fieldwork:
End date of fieldwork:
Language of Written Material:
Contextual Documentation:
Background Information
Catalogue and Index
Form of Material:
Open reel tape
Typed paper
Location of Deposit:
Wilberforce House, Hull Museums and Art Gallery
Address of Host Repository
Monument Buildings Ferens Art Gallery Queen Victoria Square Hull HU1 3RA
Access Conditions:
Wilberforce House, Hull Museums and Art Gallery conditions apply and may be subject to further specific user undertakings concerning access and the preservation of confidentiality.
Copyright Conditions:
Quotation Conditions:
Wilberforce House, Hull Museums and Art Gallery conditions apply.
Major Publications/Reports by Principal Investigator:
Frostrick, E., 'School Days' (Hull City Museums and Art Galleries, 1988) Frostrick, E., 'The Story of Hull and Its People' (Hull City Museums and Art Galleries, 1990) Tyler, J., 'Faith in the City' (Hull City Museums and Art Galleries, 1993)
Other Major Publications/Reports by Based on Materials:
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