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Hyson Green Oral History Project

Qualidata Catalogue Number:
Project Title:
Hyson Green Oral History Project
Subject Category:
XV: Historical Studies XVI: Housing
Primary Discipline:
Economic and social history
Local Studies Library, Nottingham
Principal Investigator(s):
Kingscott, J.
Manpower Services Commission
Grant Reference:
Data Collector:
Coley, A.; Desmond, M.; Robinson, C.
This collection comprises partial life histories of men and women who lived in the low and high rise flats at Hyson Green, Nottingham, prior to the demolition of the low-rise flats in 1988. Interviews were also made with other people who had lived or worked in the area.
Main Topics:
family life; community life; housing conditions; drugs; prostitution; social life; unemployment; tenancy; racial conflict; Nottingham; Nottinghamshire.
Type of Research Material:
In-depth/unstructured interview tapes
In-depth/unstructured interview transcripts
Quantity of Research Material:
67 interviews on 84 open reel tapes (copies on audiocassettes)
Reference Time Period covered in Project:
c1960 - 1987
Sample Population:
men and women
Unit of Observation:
Individuals and groups
Number of Units:
Geographical Region:
Hyson Green, Nottingham, England
Sampling Procedures:
Purposive selection
Method(s) of Data Collection:
Face-to-face interview
Type of Study:
Start date of fieldwork:
End date of fieldwork:
Language of Written Material:
Contextual Documentation:
Written consent forms
Catalogue and Index
Form of Material:
Open reel tape
Typed paper
Location of Deposit:
Nottinghamshire Oral History Collection
Address of Host Repository
Local Studies Library Nottingham Central Library Angel Row Nottingham NG1 6HP Tel: 0115 941 2121
Access Conditions:
Open public access during library opening hours. Loanable copies of tapes and transcripts.
Copyright Conditions:
Retained by Nottinghamshire City Council. Copying for academic use allowed.
Quotation Conditions:
Commercial use subject to negotiation.
Major Publications/Reports by Principal Investigator:
Other Major Publications/Reports by Based on Materials:
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